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The First Challenge: stealing a mirror from Lulu the Boo hag, a witch who look like a beautiful creole woman by day, but at night she becomes an ugly nightmarish spirit by shedding her skin, making her look like raw meat with bright glowing yellow eyes & claws instead of hands along with her feet becoming cloven hoofs, every night she goes in search of poor unfortunate victims in order to drain there life force so she can renew her immortality & beauty, her heart is as cold as winter itself with no room for love, however she was not always this way, in fact there was a time she was once human. Born seven years after the end of the Civil War in Charleston, South Carolina in 1872, she once went by the name Maria Hallows, she was the daughter of a white confederate solder & a free woman of color, a kind & benevolent women. Maria lived for the love of her husband Benjamin Hallows & their three sons, the oldest was named Quincy, he was soft spoken young man but also very strong who often look after his little brothers & kept them out of trouble, the second child was named Michael, he just love to play in the woods & make up games with all the other children, the last child was Benton, he love fishing with his daddy & listening to his mama singing at church, for Maria her family was her treasure, for there was noting on this earth that could keep her away from them all except on a cold Autumn day in September. Maria went into town to run some errands unaware that the town's sheriff named Richard Bernard known more for his nickname Red Sinner was watching her like a hawk all hungrily with burning lust in his eyes, you see for a long time, he as desire her like no other, wanting her since he laid his eyes on her that very moment he came to town about two years ago. Maria was a very beautiful woman, she had light colored skin with no marks what so ever, her eyes were as green as emeralds, and her hair soft as wool, she was so desired by all the men in town, that all the other women begin to secretly hate her, however Maria had eyes only for her husband Benjamin, strong but gentle. Benjamin was a fair & honorable man who was always kind, even to his enemies, he was also highly respected by everyone whether they were black or white, he would never turn away anybody who was in need. So am sure everybody is wondering what all of this have to do with Maria becoming Lulu, well like a Greek Tragedy, am afraid this little story has an ending that's quite bittersweet, for Red Sinner made his move, he invited Maria in to his home one cold night so she can resew buttons back on to his red vest, but it was a ruse so he can try to seduce her, once inside he begin to woo her, offering her gifts & wine, all to try & sleep with her, but Maria refuse being the woman of the church that she always been, she reject him but then he got angry & rip her dress like a hungry wolf looking for it's next meal, veins popping all over his neck, his face was red like fire, he then force himself on the poor scared woman, slapping her back & forth until she was black & blue, weak & afraid she muster what little strength she had left & pick up a hot fireplace poker & stab him through the left eye, he gave out a loud cry, with blood leaking in to his hands, this gave her enough time to escape back home to the outskirts of town into the loving arms of her husband, there the once gentle Benjamin soon became enraged over the abuse of his beloved wife, he demanded to know who was responsible for such an evil act, in a weaken voice she said "it was Red Sinner". Benjamin begin tumbling with anger, "Sinner that bastard I will make him pay for what he did to you, mark my words I swear I will kill him", "please Benjamin", Maria cry's out with tears in her eyes, with blood leaking from her forehead & holding her torn dress with her blood soaked hands, "don't let him turn you in to a killer. Benjamin I know for you to see me in such horrid pain is making your blood boil & that you seek justice for my behalf but seeking revenge is not the answer, despite our hardships you were always able to stay strong not just for me but also are children, not once when them Night Riders burn a cross in front of our home you didn't let your hate consumed you. Benjamin please continued to be that strong christian man I know you to be". Benjamin then turn to his wife, the somber look in his eyes said it all has he begin to think of his sons, Benjamin turns to Maria & said "I promise my love that I won't retaliate against Red Sinner & his men only because I love you & our children & I would rather die then to lose all of you my heart & soul", "oh Benjamin I will forever love you", cry Maria after exchanging vows of love & devotion to each other the couple soon realize that their family was still in danger, because Red Sinner was not about to let Maria or her family lived, true to form Red Sinner gather up his men & made their way to Maria's home with torches in hand heading towards their home, the mob broke through the house & begin searching for Maria, they turn all the rooms upside down but they couldn't find them, that because before the mob made their way through, Benjamin had manage to hide himself & his family under floor boards in their home, you see long time ago when Benjamin build his home, he made a secret compartment so that he or his family can hide from those that would harm them, it seem like for a moment at very least, that they would be safe, unfortunately it was not to be, for you see inside the compartment was a venomous snake that was hiding inside the shelter, the serpent was startled by the family's presence & strike their oldest child Quincy in the arm & he gave out a loud scream. Red Sinner & his men heard the boys cry's & realized that they were coming from under the flood boards, at that moment Red Sinner order his men to pull up the floor boards & in seconds they got Maria & her family, they drag them outside & begin to beat them mercilessly, they started with her children they kick poor Benton in the jaw then pour hot tar in his face, spit on him, then they grab Michael & began to break his legs, the poor child scream in pain begging his captors to stop, but they just kept beating him until he couldn't move no more, his lump broken body gasping for air with blood running down his brow, but the worst was save for Quincy who was dying from a snake bite. Red Sinner grab his whip & begin to beat the boy until his skin was rip from his body, then sinner took out his gun & shot poor Quincy in between his eyes & took another shot right in his heart & just like that all of Maria's Children were dead. Maria could do noting but tremble, her eyes were running over with tears, she then gave out a loud scream towards the night sky, just at that moment Benjamin broke free & begin to charge right at Red Sinner, the sight of his children dead on the ground was too much to bear & he erupted in a fury of pain, rage, and hated. Benjamin pick up his axe & started to mow down all of Red Sinner's men, oh they try to stop him but he had the strength & fury of a bull, his eyes were bulged, his veins pop from his forehead, & his hands begin to tremble, he grab Red Sinner by throat & was about to inflict the killing blow, but at the last minute Red Sinner pull out an hidden knife & stab Benjamin square in the heart. Benjamin begin stumbling to the ground, coughing up blood & wheezing heavy, knowing that his time was short he utter a curse at Red Sinner & he said "you have damn me & my kin on this night, then let it be so that your seed will forever be curse until all your kin joins you at the gates of hell" & with that Benjamin dies & Maria could only scream in agony & despair over the lost of her husband & children, however Red Sinner was not finish he then order one of his remaining men to set the cabin on fire & to tie a noose on Maria's neck & hang her from the moss tree & just like that Maria was finally dead, however this was not the end because unknown to Red Sinner a mysterious stranger appear before the corpse of Maria, the stranger was dress like an undertaker wearing a top hat with a black rose the right side of it while holding a blood red cane in his left hand & wearing a golden ring on his right hand, he then walk towards her poor broken body, lean towards her whispering in her ear & said "awake poor soul & take your vengeance on the one who have destroyed all that you hold dear & swear your allegiance to me", than suddenly Maria's eyes open & they were a sickly yellow, her nails turn into claws & her feet were now cloven hoofs & her flesh was now a pinkish red like raw meat. Maria in a raspy voice said "who are you, what are you, & how can you bring me back from my death rest tell me at once". I am M'su Diable & I am a collector of poor souls like you my sister in darkness.

To be Continued.
The Origin of Lulu the Boo Hag & how she became a twisted Soul of Darkness.
TeiOuja Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
An interesting idea for a story, but the sentencing is atrocious. I can't tell where one sentence begins and the other ends. Which is a shame, because the writing is so good.
Crossroadsghost Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
I know am a bit rusty.
TeiOuja Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2015  Student Digital Artist
No worries. 
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